Zinc Oxide

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Zinc Oxide

(Chinese white, zinc white, flowers of zinc)

CAS 1314-13-2 ; EINECS 215-222-5 ; ZnO ; inorganic oxide

Appearance : Coarse white or grayish powder

Properties :

- Odorless

- Bitter taste

- Soluble in water and alcohol

- Noncombustible

- Absorbs carbon dioxide from the air

- Greatest UV absorption of all commercial pigments

- Density : 5.47

- Melting Point : 1975oC

Derivation :

- Oxidation of vaporized pure zinc.

- Roasting of zinc oxide ore with coal and subsequent oxidation with air.

- Oxidation of vapor-fractionated die casting.

Grade : Lead free, green seal, red seal, white seal (according to fineness), leaded (white lead sulfate) ; USP ;single crystals.

Hazard : Zinc oxide fume is harmfull by inhalation. Zinc oxide powder reacts violently with chlorinated rubber at 215oC. TLV (Fume) : 5 mg/m3 in air.

Use : UV absorber, accelerator activator, pigment in white paints, cosmetics, driers, dental cements, mold inhibitor in paints, in manufacture of opaque glass, enamels, tires, printing inks, porcelains, reagent in analytical chemistry, as flame retardant, dietary supplement, photoconductor in office copying machines and in color photography, piezoelectric devices.

Red Seal

White Seal